In this week’s edition, StarCraft 2 fights – and beats – your computer, and zombie Jackson has danced his last dance.

Limbo Comes to PS3 … Sort of


There are few pastimes that raise quite so many unusual questions as videogames. For example, does recent XBLA game Limbo become more, or less unnerving when its young boy protagonist is swapped out for an ambulatory ragdoll stitched together out of sackcloth? With this very question presumably burning in his or her mind, PS3 owner “Bra2008” has created a remarkable facsimile of Limbo’s stark monochrome platforms and puzzles in LittleBigPlanet, transforming the normally adorable Sack Boy into a mournful creature with wide, haunting eyes. Hit the link to see a video of the LBP level: Limbo, Son of the Forest. (link)

StarCraft 2 So Hot it Will Melt Your Computer – Literally


StarCraft 2 is dangerous to more than just your free time, it can be dangerous to your computer too, and in certain cases can cause your machine to melt. But it’s not the heat of battle that’s doing the damage, it’s the heat of, well, the menus. SC2’s menus have no limit set on their frame rate, meaning that some computers go into overdrive, rendering them at 200+ frames a second. While they are undoubtedly the crispest menus around, the effort isn’t great for your computer. Blizzard is working on a patch for the problem, but you can hit the link to see a manual workaround. (link)

New DS Game Features Advanced Mind Strain


How good are you at doing two things at once? Can you multitask like a pro, or do you struggle to walk and chew gum at the same time? If you fall into the latter category, you might want to avoid the upcoming DS game Fractured Soul, as it’s basically two games that you’re playing at the same time. You can zip between screens in the blink of an eye, but you have to pay attention because the levels on each screen are different, with their own hazards and obstacles to overcome. Hit the link to watch the trailer, and if you notice a kind of tangy aroma in the air, don’t worry, it’s just your brain cooking. (link)

King of Pop Will Be Staying Off Your Lawn From Now On


If you’ve played PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies – and if you haven’t by now then you really, really should – you’ve more than likely come across the “Dancing Zombie,” who sports a nifty little red outfit and packs some pretty slick dance moves, especially for a member of the walking dead. You might not be aware that the zombie in question is based on Michael Jackson’s costume from the 1983 video to Thriller, something that Jackson’s estate is less than happy about. Rather than get into a legal battle over the issue, PopCap has decided to retire the character, and replace it with a more generic disco themed zombie. (link)

An Old Challenger Has Entered the Ring!


Capcom is reaching into its back catalogue and unleashing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike as a downloadable title. It’s not going to be a straight port either, as producer Yoshinoro Ono said that Capcom is taking suggestions for features that gamers might like to see in the game. While perhaps not as well known – or as well loved – as its older sibling Street Fighter II, 3rd Strike still has a ton of fans, and let’s face it, more 2D fighters is hardly a bad thing. (link)

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