The Week in Review: Scrolls, Lawyers, and Nuclear Reactors

In this week’s edition, Bethesda sets its lawyers on Mojang, and a Swedish man tries to make his own nuclear reactor.


New Mojang Game Draws Bethesda’s Ire

Besides working on the wildly successful Minecraft, Notch and the Mojang crew are creating a new game called “Scrolls.” Unfortunately for them, Bethesda think that that name infringes on its Elder Scrolls trademark, and has sent Notch a sternly worded letter. Notch commented that he still loved Bethesda and hoped that this was just lawyers being lawyers. (Link)


Blizzard Surprised by Reaction to Diablo 3 Internet Requirements

Blizzard’s Rob Bridenbecker said that he was surprised that anyone had gotten upset over the news that Diablo 3 required a constant internet connection. He said that the benefits of having a constant connection to the game servers had numerous benefits, and only a tiny percentage of players would want to forgo them. He also said that the decision had nothing to do with DRM or tackling piracy. (Link)


Swedish Man Tries to Build Nuclear Reactor, Cops Are Unimpressed

Rich Handl found himself in trouble with the Swedish police recently after trying to create a nuclear reactor in his apartment. Police raided the home of the 31-year-old, who has apparently always been interested in science, and charged him with “unauthorized possession of nuclear material,” after finding a number of radioactive elements, including Uranium. (Link)


Bizarre Machinima Makes Case for Mods

If you’ve ever wanted to know what was so great about mods, then look no further than “The Silly Adventures of Mr. Mochi,” a weird – and rather wonderful – Oblivion machinima that makes significant use of them. Mr. Mochi can swim through the air and turn people into sheep, and rides around on a magic zebra – you tell me that’s not just a little bit cool. Hit the link for a video. (Link)


Batman Teams Up With Bane in Arkham City

New screenshots from Rocksteady’s upcoming Batman adventure, Arkham City show that Batman will get a little help from none other than Bane, one of his most deadly foes. The two join forces to battle a small army of gunmen who seem to want both of them dead in equal measure. You have to assume that the partnership will only be temporary, but it does suggest a rather interesting story. (Link)

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