Thief Trailer Says Stealing and Saving the City are Kind of The Same Thing


How and why aren’t exactly clear, though.

A nice, long trailer for the upcoming Thief reboot, not to take, but to (theoretically) explain what players will do when step back into Garrett’s shoes. If you’re new to the franchise, is a primer explaining Thief‘s general gameplay loop: Break into a building, steal stuff, avoid getting caught. Of course, it’s not exactly that simple. Every mission features multiple routes and opportunities for players to handle situations their own way. Some players might prefer to systematically dispatch every guard they come across like a “predator,” while other will literally avoid everyone and everything that might complicate the heist to get in and out like a “ghost.”

For players who already know what playing Thief is all about, the trailer also provides a shallow overview of what the game’s story holds. Despite his not-so-charitable motivations, the trailer refers to Garrett as “a reluctant hero” for a sick, impoverished city controlled by an evil baron. Throw in allusions to a sinister supernatural presence and this could very well be a new plot for another, more recent first-person infiltration series. (Dishonored) Then again, it’s fair to say that Dishonored derived just as much from the original Thief games, so it’s an even trade, right?

Thief sneaks onto PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC February 25.

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