This Immortal Deer Is Having The Best Grand Theft Auto V Adventure


For the past 48 hours, an immortal autonomous deer has been sowing incredible chaos on a Grand Theft Auto V Twitch stream.

It’s not clear where Edgar Allen Doe’s journey began, or where it will eventually end. But one thing is clear – it’s making for one of the most fantastic animal NPC adventures you’ve ever seen. Edgar is an immortal, autonomous deer who has been exploring Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos for the past 48 hours, starting gang wars, causing traffic pile-ups, and escaping police chases. And thank the heavens, someone’s been livestreaming it the entire time.

Hosted by Twitch and San Andreas Animal Cams, this stream uses a modded version of Grand Theft Auto V that focuses on a deer NPC that cannot die. This has granted it an ability to explore beyond its natural habitat without caring for the worries of man. In the past ten minutes alone, Edgar has escaped from a gunfight at the airport, walked through the ocean, found hiding spaces at the docks and…

Breaking news, the police are firing rockets at Edgar. I repeat, Edgar is under fire and everything is exploding.


The stream constantly veers from moments of quiet introspection as Edgar wanders the beach, to insane action violence, to goofy ragdoll physics when he spontaneously falls off of mountains. And since a script periodically teleports Edgar to prevent him from getting stuck, there’s no shortage of exciting moments for audiences to watch. It might be the most compelling thing I’ve seen in months, and it’s hard to look away just to write this post.

San Andreas Animal Cam plans to run the stream until April 20, 2016. Even better, it’s inspired donations to the Seattle Humane Society. How can it go wrong? It can’t. Because Edgar is amazing.

Source: San Andreas Animal Cams, via Games Radar

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