Three Batmen and a Baby Tintin! Forest City Comic Con Cosplay Pt. 1

Between the Deadpools, Doctors, and Disney Princesses, London, Ontario’s first Comic Con was a rousing success.

London, Ontario is a happening place for comic book fans, as the turnout for during Free Comic Book Day proves every single year. But 2014 is especially exciting because it marks the Forest City’s very first comic book convention, organized in part by the local comic book shop owners. Despite being a one-day event, the Forest City Comic Con turnout out to be a massive success, with huge lines waiting at opening and a steady stream of visitors arriving throughout the day.

Naturally, that means London could once again show off its cosplaying chops, and The Escapist was there to see what was on display. In fact, we needed to split this gallery into two parts, because with hundreds of costumes to choose from we simply couldn’t narrow it down! See for yourself with characters like:

baby tintin

Haddock and Tintin

Good news, Tintin! You’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth! And now for the bad news….

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batman beyond and all batmans

Batmans. A Ton Of Batmans

Batman was especially popular at Forest City Comic-Con, sometimes working alone and sometimes joining a partner. Which one is your favorite?

harley 2

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, showing that she can get along perfectly well without that mean old Mr. J.

belle batter

Belle and Zacharie

Not a pairing I would have expected, but Disney’s Belle and Off‘s Zacharie seem to be getting along splendidly. Still no sign of that Batter, though.

boba fett 2

Boba Fett

The popular Star Wars bounty hunter has a cunning plan: Wait patiently by the silent auction for the target, and make sure there aren’t any Sarlaacs nearby.

doctor hermoine cap supergirl

Sci-Fi Dad + Magic Mom = Superhero Children

I don’t remember the book/episode where the Doctor and Hermione started their own superhero family, but after this image I’m completely sold on it.

carmen and sephiroth

Sandiego and Sephiroth

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Right here, offering V.I.L.E’s services to Final Fantasy VII‘s Sephiroth.

captain jack and doctor harley 3

Captain Jack and Doctor Quinzel

It’s like that Doctor Who episode where Captain Jack finally tracks down the Doctor… just not the one he was expecting. At least he arrived in the timeline before Harley’s mental breakdown.


Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud

Never fear, Cloud and his Buster sword are here! Presumably on the hunt for Sephiroth elsewhere in this gallery.


BioShock Infinite‘s Elizabeth

Elizabeth arrived at Forest City Comic-Con from a parallel dimension hoping to see what the fuss was about. She liked it so much, she decided to offer a Sky Hook demonstration.

gamora and angel

Gamora And A Valykrie

Young Gamora takes some time away from Ronan to hang out with someone I’m 95% sure is an Asgardian Valykrie. Either way, they’re having a great time.



This Dalek probably would have caused trouble, but I suspect one of the nearby Doctors rendered it inert. Still, keep your distance to be safe.

dredd vendor

Judge Dredd

An out-of-time Dredd, mere moments before he sentenced a visitor to death for harassing a panelist.

cap alien soldier cap april

Captain Americas With April O’Neil and Gamora

Cap was a busy figure at this con, whether providing interviews to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April O’Neil, or posing for photos with a well-armed Gamora.


Mass Effect‘s Garrus

He says he’s hunting a dangerous criminal, but I’m pretty Garrus is just here to scope out the various panels.

all the villains combined

The Batman Rogues Gallery

The well-dressed quartet of Mister Freeze, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, and Poison Ivy happily took part in photo opportunities with anyone…. villain and hero alike.



No, Hellboy can’t do signatures with his Right Hand of Doom. Stop asking.

disney princess maybe

The Little Mermaid

A version of Ariel who got human legs so she could march into a comic convention and buy sprite patches.

deadpool girl deadpool robe


Deadpool came in a close second for most-frequently spotted at this con. Although not every version had quite finished their morning routine.


The Doctor’s Latest Companions

Next Time on Doctor Who: Borderlands‘s Tiny Tina and a Saint’s Row 3 Decker. I’d definitely watch a season of those adventures!

jedi and son and jedi leia

Jedi Leia and Jedi & Son

No one can say that the Force wasn’t well-represented at FCCC either. The Light Side in particular broke out a lightsabre-wielding Leia, and a master with his young padawan.

iron mannew add

Classic Iron Man

Tony Stark was trapped in the bowels of Comic Con, but made a suit to free himself with the materials at hand.

isabella and friendsnew add

Isabella, Ino Yamanaka, and Delsin Row

Dragon Age 2‘s Isabella having a special moment with Naruto‘s Ino Yamanaka and InFamous: Second Son‘s Delsin Row. Like they do.

jaynenew add

Firefly‘s Jayne

You might as well take the sky from him. It’d be easier than snatching either Vera or that hat.

joker girlnewadd


This Joker is pretty serious, but not serious enough to inject visitors with laughing gas. Well, not many of them.

larpersnew add

Underworld Ralinwood

More than mere cosplayers, these two are representing London’s Larping community. Find out more about the chapter here.

leia and hermionenew add

Leia and Hermione

Star Wars‘ Leia and Harry Potter‘s Hermione are teaming up for Comic Con. Get on this, fan fic writers!

jack frost and friendsnew add

Jack Frost, Katniss, and Ron Weasley

We round off part one of Forest City’s Cosplay with Rise of the Guardians‘ Jack Frost, Hunger Games‘ Katniss, and Harry Potter‘s Ron Weasley. Stay tuned to part two in the immediate future!

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