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You know, some people look at cross-promotion between films and toy companies, fast food chains, etc. as the death of art. “I paid to see a fully-realized story, not a 100 million dollar advertisement for Happy Meals!!” they will shout from the rafters (forums), and in the case of movies like Batman and Robin, they are right on the money (pun so, so intended).

But then again, have those naysayers ever seen something as glorious as a HANS SOLO POP TART?!! Didn’t think so.

Still some three+ months away from the box office juggernaut that The Force Awakens will surely be, it appears that George Lucas & Co. will be taking a page from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s book on advertising by flooding the market with Star Wars-related trinkets, toys, and everything in between for diehard fans to consume.

Up above, you will find the trailer for the second season of “Star Wars Rebels,” the animated series from LucasFilm that was a big topic of discussion back at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim last spring. Entitled “Return of the Clones,” season two of Rebels will bring back the highly-popular Captain Rex, along with his fellow Clone Troopers, Wolffe and Gregor. “Star Wars Rebels: Return of the Clones” premieres October 14th on Disney XD.

Next up, we have a first look at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Snowtrooper action figures, courtesy of Superhero Hype. From notable toymakers Hot Toys, these 1/6th scale collectibles of both the First Order Snowtrooper and the Snowtrooper Officer will fit perfectly in your man cave alongside the framed Asia poster and still-boxed statue of Oscar Goldman.

Head over to Hot Toys to find out more.

Finally, we have these collectable “Han Solo Pop Tarts” from Falcon Toys. According to Falcon, “This resin toaster pastry closely resembles a POPular breakfast treat but I assure it doesn’t taste like one” and comes in a resealable clamshell that resembles the Pop Tarts packaging. At $30 a pop (again, pun SOOOO intended), you might think these Solo tarts would come with a certificate of mental disease, but believe it or not, Falcon is actually limiting customers to one per customer to meet popular demand.

The best part of these things? The description, which makes sure to stress that HAN SOLO POP TARTS “are meant for adult collectors and not suitable for children.” Well played, Falcon. Well played indeed.

Source: Superhero Hype, Comic Book

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