Tokyo Game Show in Pictures Part 1 – The Show Floor

Every year, Tokyo Game Show shows us some of the coolest, and most bizare sights in the world. 2016 is no different, and our gallery this year features mousepads with built-in butt molds, a video game you play by looking up a girl’s skirt, a fully-functional mech suit and lots of VR.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite shots:

Sony’s tech on display. You can see the new PS4 Pro (image 3, 4), the PS4 Slim (image 1), and of course the PS VR. It’s a shame, but the PS4 Pro did not seem to be playable anywhere.

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The first two days featured only “corporate cosplay” – professional models hired by developers to promote their games. There was plenty of eye-candy for both the girls and the boys!

Okay, let’s just go ahead and get the “weird stuff” out of the way. Some of the most “only in Japan” stuff I saw: School Girl Zombie Hunter (image 1, 4) – a game you played by looking up a school girl’s skirt, an assortment of body pillows and “butt-pad” mousepads (a spin on last year’s “boob-pads”) for sale, and by far the creepiest of all, a VR game where you manipulated a life-sized doll of a girl in order to do stuff to the character in the game (image 3). In the image, the doll is actually “out of order”, due to people groping her too aggressively.

Lots of cool merchandise for sale this year. As usual, Square Enix brought its full suite of incredibly detailed (and expensive) figures. There were also some sweet Dreamcast and Street Fighter-themed kicks.

Here are some of the coolest displays from the show. My personal favorite was the pilot-able mech suit Intel had. Also, is a trade show really complete without a World of Tanks tank somewhere?

VR was the focus of this year, as you may have guessed by 2016’s mascot. Sony had a huge VR experience zone, as did Vive, and there were plenty of smaller VR devs out in force. I really enjoyed the full-scale VR peripherals from FutureTown – they included a horse riding sim, a skiing sim, and a motorbike sim.

Finally, here’s all the stuff that didn’t really fit it any other categories.

I hope you enjoyed this gallery, be sure to stay tuned for our Cosplay gallery this weekend!

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