Topical Tuesday: Create Your Personal Demon


This week’s issue of The Escapist focuses on the devil – from the horned-and-hoofed varieties found in nearly all kinds of videogames, to the personal demons that we all possess. In this Topical Tuesday, we want to know what your personal demon is – is it the Demon of Bad Hair Days? The Demon of Bad 80s Movie Workout Montages? The Unhealthy Love of Beans Demon? If you need some ideas, swing on over and take our “Which Demon Rules Your Life?” quiz for some inspiration.

To figure out if you have a personal demon, try asking yourself a few questions. Do you often find your toast landing butter-side down? Do you constantly reference pop culture fads? Do people run away from you, complaining of a stench that resembles “petrified cheese?” Then you definitely have a personal demon, and we want to hear about it. Here, this should get you started:

Demon name:
Demon power:
Heavenly nemesis:
Example of its influence in your life:

Ladies and gentleman, to your keyboards!

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