Topical Tuesday: Rage


As gaming continues to become a bigger part of everyday life, the probability of annoyance increases dramatically. From impossible bosses to loud-mouth brats over chat channels, everyone has their breaking point.

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The first videogames were designed to give the world digital fun. As the videogame industry started to take form in computers and consoles, the most upsetting things that could happen was your friend beating your high score or not having the proper hook-up for your TV. As time progressed and the industry blossomed into the Goliath it is today, more ways for rage to build developed.

Since each person is different, we would like to know what flips your rage switch, which leads up to today’s Topical Tuesday question.

What is it in gaming or the internet that just drives you batty?

And to add to the discussion, feel free to participate in our poll “What Do You Hate the Most?” Go over and vote for your least favorite and there may even be a badge in it for you.

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