Life as we know it will eventually end, either through drastic measures or a slow process of deterioration. Knowing that you may not make it through an apocalypse, what would you pack to help prepare future generations?

Welcome back to Topical Tuesday! Every week we ask the community a question related to our weekly magazine topic. Our goal is to begin an intelligent discussion based on a topic that’s uniquely relevant to us as gamers and nerds, and the industry we love. Opinions are welcome, but please justify your claim with support – such as quoting information from one of our featured articles – even if that requires a little research before posting. Please use examples to back-up your opinion.

This week’s question focuses on the apocalypse. While we can all agree that zombies, aliens and robot takeovers will likely be our overlords someday, they are nothing compared to Mother Nature and the forces of our galaxy. With that in mind comes our Topical Tuesday question:

You are 1 of 1000 people on the planet given a standard shipping container – about the size of those on an 18-wheeler – which can hold 2261 cubic feet of whatever you choose, and I do mean anything. If you want to try and fit a nuclear warhead in there, or a couple elephants, you would have the means to do so. While this container is not air tight, the holding vessel will be. Please remember, the chances of you making it through the apocalypse are slim at best. Will you pack up your entire house for your personal use or pack the essentials that future generations will need to restart society?

Please let us know what you are packing and why.

Ladies and gentlemen, to your keyboards!

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