Topical Tuesday: What Is Gameplay?


Depending on who you talk to, “gameplay” could have any number of meanings, so we are turning to The Escapist community to help us set the record straight.

Welcome to Topical Tuesday! Each week we will ask the community a question related to our weekly magazine topic. Our goal is to begin an intelligent discussion based on a topic that’s uniquely relevant to us as gamers and nerds, and the industry we love. Opinions are welcome, but please justify your claim with support – such as quoting information from one of our featured articles – even if that requires a little research before posting.

Today’s Question is about the nebulous concept “gameplay.” While some say graphics and audio are their own beasts that don’t fall under the “gameplay umbrella,” many others view gameplay very differently. Hence our Topical Tuesday question for Issue 255 of The Escapist:

What does gameplay mean to you and what game(s) has delivered the best gameplay in your experience?

Ladies and Gentlemen, to your keyboards and discuss!

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