Gaming has become so interwoven into everyday life, that the once all-encompassing term “gamer” is no longer quite so definitive. While we can agree that pretty much everyone everyone here at The Escapist is a gamer, we’d like to know why you consider yourself one?

Welcome back to Topical Tuesday! Every week we ask the community a question related to our weekly magazine topic. Our goal is to begin an intelligent discussion based on a topic that’s uniquely relevant to us as gamers and nerds, and the industry we love. Opinions are welcome, but please justify your claim with support – such as quoting information from one of our featured articles – even if that requires a little research before posting.

Today’s Question is about why people consider themselves gamers. Do you stay up to the wee hours of the morning playing WoW? Do you have have Dungeons and Dragons campaigns that last an entire weekend? Were you one of the original Magic: The Gathering players with all Power 9 cards? Do you rip apart and rebuild your PC rig just for minor tweaks? For one reason or another, you come to hang out at The Escapist because you feel you fit somewhere into the overarching title of “gamer.” Which leads us to this week’s question:

Why do you consider yourself a gamer?

Ladies and Gentlemen, to your keyboards and discuss!

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