Whether people visit The Escapist for our great articles, hilarious videos, in-depth features or just to be part of the amazing community, one thing is for certain, people from around the world call The Escapist their home.

Welcome back to Topical Tuesday! Every Tuesday we ask our community a question related to that week’s magazine topic. Our goal is to begin an intelligent discussion based on a topic that’s uniquely relevant to us as gamers and to the industry we love.

This week we celebrate the 5th anniversary of The Escapist. Every week we publish articles, features, webcomics, videos and a ton of extra awesomeness to give you the best of what the gaming industry has to offer. In return, you have given us 5 great years and we see no end in sight. So, in light of our anniversary comes our Topical Tuesday question:

What does The Escapist mean to you?

We will be choosing one of the essays to publish on the front page at a later date! We will keep this thread open for 2 weeks. All entries must be in by July 20th at 11:59PM.

Here are a couple of guidelines:

  • Use proper grammar.
  • Submissions can be no longer than 300 words.
  • No Shout-outs to your friends in the submission.
  • If you are chosen as the winner, we will need to use your real name to publish your submission. If you don’t want your real name being published, please don’t enter. We will contact you asking for this information if you win.
  • Please have something meaningful to say.

Ladies and Gentlemen, to your keyboards and discuss!

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