Toyota Sells Scion in Second Life


Toyota sells new Scion vehicles in the popular virtual world Second Life.

Car manufacturer Toyota hosted a virtual press conference to announce the launch of the new Scion xB and xD in the virtual world Second Life. Players can purchase a vehicle for 300 Linden dollars ($1) and personalize the vehicles with accessories based on their real-world counterparts. This is Toyota’s latest entrance into an online world since it introduced the Scion xB in Whyville, another cyber universe targeted at young teens who have driven the Scion xB over one million times since May 2006.

Along with the new vehicles, Toyota opened up Scion City, an island devoted to selling and promoting the Scion brand. Real estate in the city will be sold to budding entrepreneurs who will host Toyota-sponsored entertainment events.

Scion’s interactive marketing manager Adrian Si explained his company’s marketing strategy to CNN. “We developed Scion City to connect with the trendsetters. That’s our target demographic — people who do things first. Trendsetters are instrumental in promoting brands. … These aren’t direct money-making ventures for us. But of course, if we can make a positive influence on the tween citizens of Whyville and they think of us when they get to a driving age, we would consider that a success.”

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