In light of our Anti/Villian issue this week, we want to know what your favorite Videogame Villains would be like as pro wrestlers.

Below, Features Editor Greg Tito has outlined his Villian as Pro Wrestler picks, and now we want to see yours! Describe and discuss what your favorite villain’s entrance song, catch phrase, tag team partner, uniform, finishing move and nemesis would be in the comments.

Entrance Song – “Walk The Dinosaur”, by Was (Not Was) “Boom, Boom, aka lakka lakka Boom”
Catch Phrase – “Your Princess is in MY CASTLE!”
Tag Team Partner – El Wario, “Shut up, your face!”
Uniform – Dark Green, with spikes on his back
Finishing Move – The Firebreather
Face nemesis – Pretty Boy Mario
Entrance Song – “OK Computer”, by Radiohead
Catch Phrase – “Let them eat cake!”
Tag Team Partner – Johnny Headcrab
Uniform – All white leotard, with a glossy white helmet
Finishing Move – The Party Escort Submission Position
Face nemesis – The Doctor
Entrance Song – “Dude Looks Like a Lady”, by Aerosmith
Catch Phrase – “Beg for Forgiveness!”
Tag Team Partner – The Meteor
Uniform – Long black trenchcoat, tight black unitard
Finishing Move – Masemune Smash
Face nemesis – Fair-weather Cloud
Entrance Song – “Highway to Hell”, by AC/DC
Catch Phrase – “Death can’t save you, bitch!”
Tag Team Partner(s) – Diablo, Baal & Mephisto = The Prime Evils
Uniform – Bright red makeup, horns
Finishing Move – Soulcrusher
Face nemesis – Deckard Pain

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