Good news: a brand-new Trine 2 trailer is floating around on the tubes and it’s awesome. Bad news: Trine 2 is delayed.

I don’t like platformers but I sure do like Trine, so when Frozenbyte announced last summer that Trine 2 was in the works, I was pretty darn excited. The new gameplay trailer, entitled “Alluring Adventure,” has me even more wound up; Trine’s whimsically beautiful fairytale game world looks absolutely fantastic and it appears as though we’ll be facing a few new gameplay twists and challenges as well.

The bad news is that the game has been pushed back from its expected release in the spring to “late summer,” not a huge delay but a little bit of a downer for fans. No worries, though, as Frozenbyte’s Joel Kinnunen says that everything is actually going very well.

“We have a really high quality bar for Trine 2 and we want to make sure it meets those expectations,” he explained. “There’s still a lot of work to be done and we don’t want people to have false expectations, so we wanted to communicate the new release date now. Everything’s going great though, Trine 2 is our smoothest project ever despite this delay.”

Trine 2 will be released digitally for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Mac, and a demo will also be available at launch for all platforms. A retail release is apparently still being considered.

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