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Trinity Blood: Volumes 1-2


Trinity Blood: Volumes 1-2


Warning, there may be possible spoilers in this review!

500 years after an apocalyptic war on Earth, civilization is far from what it once was. It was bloomed into something new. The Catholic Church is a major military power that protects the humans–also known as Terran–from creatures known as Methuselahs, also known as vampires. The two races rest in uneasy tension, with war on the horizon if either side should make a wrong move.

Father Abel Nightroad seems to be a happy-go-lucky priest who works for the Vatican. He also appears to be a Terran. However, he hides many secrets, one of which is that he is actually a Crusnik, a vampire who feeds off the blood of other vampires and is extremely powerful. He also has knowledge of “old technology,” in other words, technology that existed before the end of the Great War. This makes him an indispensable member of the elite forces also known as the AX, run by Cardinal Caterina Sfroza, sister and advisor to the Pope himself.

imageAs an elite member, Abel is sent on many dangerous missions. In the first volume, he not only has to keep an airship from crashing into Rome, but he also has to help a little girl who the power to bring forth bits of Abel’s tortured past. His journeys also lead him to the city that used to be the most beautiful in the world, but due to the war, it has fallen into a state of disarray because of one man’s plan for revenge. There, he meets Sister Esther Blanchett, who, after trying to take revenge herself against vampires for the death of her adopted mother, joins the elite forces of Cardinal Caterina.

In volume two, we’re introduced to characters of the elite forces such as Blade Dancer, a man who has joined for personal reasons, ready to stray from the Vatican’s wishes for his own personal gain. But the Blade Dancer has a good heart, and he chooses saving the life of a nun who witnessed a horrible murder over himself. Leon Garcia de Asturias is an old member of the elite, however, he’s been imprisoned for some crime and assists the AX in return for getting his sentence reduced. His latest mission is to go to the island Never Land to investigate strange stories of vampiric children with fairy wings. These children are not only real, but they are the tortured experiments of a nefarious doctor and Methuselah aristocrat. However, in these new characters Father Abel isn’t overshadowed, as he goes on a mission in the fourth episode with the busty brunette Noelle Bor, a close friend of Abel and an AX member. The simple mission turns deadly when they uncover a city crumbling machine called “Silent Noise” and the first major story arc is started.

imageAt this point in the series, there is very little in the way of a larger plot, and most of the episodes are stand alone adventures. However, I have the feeling this is just to introduce the viewer to the complicated world of Terrans (humans) and Methuselah (vampires) as well as the large cast of characters. A huge story arc wouldn’t make sense if you had no idea who anyone was or what their personalities were like. Plus, the individual stories were still original and attention grabbing. They sucked me right in within a 30 minute time span and the conclusions weren’t half-assed either.

The gothic art style has been hitting it big in anime lately. Usually, it’s not my thing, but I have to admit, it works really well in an anime about vampires. They also didn’t go overboard with it. It was more of a combination of the Victorian era, ancient Rome and an original futuristic feel. The art and animation is certainly one of the things that makes this anime stand out from the rest. Its unique style isn’t only in the backgrounds, and the settings, but in the characters as well. It’s ingrained in every fiber of this anime, making it truly original, captivating the viewer and fully immersing them in the world.

I truly enjoyed the sound of this anime. The voice acting was very well done. I really like how they contrasted Abel’s voice in his normal human appearance with his dark Crusnik persona. The sound effects were also amazing, swords clanging against each other were sharp and true, and the bullet sounds echoed in large buildings. The music was also an interesting blend of classical church music with j-pop and rock. Don’t ask me how that works, but it does. There isn’t much in variety concerning the extras on the first two discs. The only thing they both include is a neat little “Historical Artifacts” section. It looks like they saved the good stuff for collector’s editions that are being released simultaneously.

This series is complicated in everything from its characters to its story and world history, but that shouldn’t scare you off. It tried to slowly feed you and immerse you into the world, and it doesn’t expect you to know everything. This is for people looking for something with a rich world, that’s serious but still fun. I have to admit this anime captured me in its spell, though to be fair, I have a weak spot for vampires.

Entertainment: 9
If they continue the plot lines they’ve hinted at, then I’ll be very happy.

Technical: 8.5
I wish they’d given the regular discs more goodies, but other than that I can’t really complain.

Overall: 9

Volume One
DVD Features: Episodes 1-4, English, Japanese with Subtitles
DVD Extras: Historical Artifacts, Textless Songs, Trailers

Volume Two
DVD Features: Episodes 5-8, English, Japanese with Subtitles
DVD Extras: Historical Artifacts, Textless Songs, Trailers

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