Trogdor Burninates Again!


A mighty surprise awaits players in the fifth installment of Strong Bad’s episodic adventure game series.

One word: TROGDOOOOOOOOR!!!!! The mighty burninating power of the dragon beast with a giant, muscled, human bicep is coming to the final episode of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Wired’s Game | Life blog gleefully reports.

Those familiar with Telltale’s episodic adventure game series for Wii and PC will recall the constant tease of the unplayable, broken Trogdor arcade cabinet residing in Strong Bad’s basement through the first three episodes. We gathered the awesome dragon man and his 8-bit game would come into play eventually, but exclusive screenshots unveiled by Game | Life imply he’ll have much more of a role in the final episode than originally expected.

Trogdor’s humorous origin dates back to a particularly amusing episode of the Homestar Runner online flash cartoon series. The creature’s screechy metal intro song even made its way into Guitar Hero II as a playable track.

“Whenever we mentioned that we were making a Strong Bad game, inevitably someone would start screaming ‘Trogdor!’ at the top of their lungs,” the game’s lead designer Mark Darin told Wired. “Naturally, we wanted to harness this energy and excitement and unleash it on the world for the season finale.”

Burnination will no longer forsake the country side, when the fifth episode in the SBCG4AP series launches for PC and WiiWare sometime next month. Let us all take up the call.

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