Tron: Identity gets gameplay for it its visual novel adventure and an April 2023 release date, revealing various paths for players to follow.

Bithell Games’ upcoming Tron: Identity has received a release date and gameplay trailer, with the game slated to arrive on April 11, 2023 on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The game is described as a visual novel adventure following a detective program named Query uncovering secrets about the history of the forgotten grid they’re a part of. Players will have the chance to piece together the grid’s past through questioning the grid’s inhabitants.

According to Bithell, player agency will be at the forefront, as there are “a multitude of possible outcomes, good and bad,” and the results will be determined by your in-game dialogue choices. Players will be able to form alliances, make enemies, and even take out characters through an in-game process called “derezzing”. Players will also seek to uncover their own character’s memories by following the story paths of their choice.

The story will be another extension of the Tron series, expanding to a new server fans have not yet experienced before and offering unique new stories and world-building for the franchise. In addition, the game boasts some stunning character and environmental art that fans of the Tron franchise are sure to love.

The release date of Tron: Identity is less than a month away now on Switch and PC.

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