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Personally, I think personality-driven shows have been the future of videogame coverage/reviews for a long time. Despite the success of critics like Yahtzee, James Rolfe, Jim Sterling and, more recently, TotalBiscuit, Angry Joe, Egoraptor, Anita Sarkeesian, etc, a lot of gaming sites are still trying to downplay individual writers in favour of a cohesive, site-wide “voice.” This almost always produces infuriatingly bland work, regardless of how good the writer behind the keyboard is, and it’s one of the reasons I tend towards following individual writers/reviewers (including a bunch of Youtubers) than specific sites.

The way I see it, traditional games media can either rant and rave at the rise of the YouTube reviewer, or they can take what works and run with it.

Anyway, yeah, thought I’d get that off my chest before I start this arc and make a bunch of people mad.

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