Waclawek gives his bloody ninja corporation slaughterfest a makeover.

Devolver Digital is bringing a polished turn-based action platformer to PAX South this weekend, with a full release coming later this year.

RONIN is a freeware game that’s been floating around online since last Summer, but developer Tomasz Waclawek has re-tooled his game under the visage of his new publisher. The end result? The objective remains the same, while the visuals have been given some serious TLC.

The elevator pitch? You play a heroine ninja mowing down an entire corporation, from the bosses down to the rent-a-cop security guards. Computer hacking and everything else a futuristic ninja knows and loves is in tow, too.

The combat and action in RONIN are grounded in turn-based movement and choices. You can pop out and back into the darkness for a quick strike, use your toolset for distractions, or you can take the hidden warrior road less traveled and katana your way through an entire room (and its occupants).

The above video shows the combat at play, with plenty of gadgetry at your disposal. Razor wire, holographic projectors (maybe made by Microsoft? Maybe not), and more grapple moves than you can shake a smoke bomb at.

For those travelling down to ol’ San Antone for PAX South this weekend, RONIN is set for its wide debut in the Devolver Digital space — booth #1243 if you have your Guidebook app handy.

Ronin already has a Steam page up and running, and we wouldn’t quite rule out other avenues as well. (GOG, perhaps?)

Have fun sticking it to the man — or sticking it in the man? Either way, don’t poke your eye out.

Source: Devolver Digital PR

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