Robocop themed avatar items are hitting the Xbox Live store.

Now, instead of looking like a horrendous facsimile of its owner, your Xbox Live Avatar can dress as Detroit’s iconic cyborg policeman. If you’re feeling a little cheekier, you can go with an OCP T-shirt. A simple black tee sporting the OCP logo, which presumably brings you under the protective umbrella of Directive 4:(Classified). Best of all is the tiny ED-209 pet that will follow you around like a perpetually-homicidal puppy, presumably angrily shooting people in the face whether they’re carrying a weapon or not. The items will be available on August 25th. While the price hasn’t been announced, I can confirm that I would indeed “buy that for a dollar.”

Like many, my interaction with my Xbox Live Avatar is limited to the occasional disgusted glance each time I see the little bastard gurning at me from the user sign-in page. He kind of almost-but-not-quite looks like me. The hair, the beard, the gut: they’re all there, but arranged in such a way to be subtlety and terribly wrong. He looks like a mutant son, the kind you lock in the basement and feed unwary hitchhikers. The concept of spending money, actual real-life money, on clothes and accessories for the ungainly creature strikes me as utterly insane. It’d be like buying a fedora for Sloth from The Goonies. On the other hand, this does present the opportunity for me to play through A Kingdom for Kelflings as a justice dispensing cyborg. That’s certainly worth thinking about.

Source: Joystiq

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