The Cold War-themed and strategy game Twilight Struggle has a Kickstarter campaign underway for a digital edition.

GMT Games has successfully Kickstarted its campaign for a digital edition to Twilight Struggle, a two-player strategy game taking place during the Cold War. Previously designed as a tabletop game, GMT Games decided to make a digital edition to be more accessible to new players.

The digital version will include a tutorial, AI opponents, pass-and-play multiplayer, and online play. Additionally, with a digital version you can be less afraid of accidentally bumping into the board and shifting everything around. The tabletop edition requires quite a bit of setup.

Twilight Struggle is a card-driven game with a world map as the game board. Players , one as the US and one as the USSR, can place influence markers in countries, as well as start coups to steal influence from the other player. Players also have a hand of cards to play each turn with events based on real events in history, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and Arab-Israeli conflicts. The Space Race and nuclear tensions also play a role in the game.

Twilight Struggle will come out on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android for a planned February/March 2015 release date. It will additionally be released for Windows tablet and phone, PS4, and PS Vita thanks to meeting stretch goals. Players will also be able to play single player through scenarios, starting with specific cards and finish the game in that situation.

The game requires players to make difficult decisions that could either go very well or very poorly. Its design makes it an engaging game, and its game mechanics resemble what US and USSR world leaders had to deal with, such as throwing resources into the space race and when to take risky military maneuvers.

GMT Games’ Twilight Struggle Kickstarter campaign will end July 3. It currently stands at $120,000 raised for the $50,000 goal.

Source: Kickstarter

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