Ubisoft and French bank BNP are locked in the sort of titanic corporate struggle we’d all like to see more of: a Post-It Note pixel art war.

A few months ago, bored employees at French game company Ubisoft used colored Post-It Notes to create a few super-sized videogame characters on the windows of their Paris-based office. It was the sort of light-hearted lark you’d expect from a videogame company, but the frivolity did not sit well with Ubisoft’s straight-laced corporate neighbor, the staid French bank BNP.

The bank’s upbraiding was quick in coming: a Post-It Note gun platform, firing upwards at the invaders from space. Shockingly, this did not end the conflict but actually escalated it, as Ubisoft, not cowed but emboldened, responded with a double-high Mario. Then it was BNP with Link and Megaman; then Ubisoft with a resounding victory in Pong.

And then it was chaos.
At last check, the see-saw battle was still raging, with neither side showing any willingness to yield. Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble, Raving Rabbids, Ken versus Blanka… It’s impossible to say what will happen next but whatever it is, it’s bound to be a heartbreaker. War. It really is friend only to the Post-It Note maker.

Source: NeoGAF, thanks to TheGuy(wantstobe) for the tip.

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