Ubisoft Developing 3D Titles


Ubisoft has confirmed that it is working on 3D titles – the kind where images pop out in front of you.

Company CEO Yves Guillemot said the move was about adapting to new and upcoming technologies.

“Technology continues to evolve and we have now new 3D TVs that are coming in homes and we will have also movies in 3D,” said Guillemot, speaking at Ubidays in Paris.

Ubisoft will publish James Cameron’s 3D movie Avatar. Cameron has previously said Ubisoft has a running version of the game version that allows the user to wear polarized glasses and enjoy 3D effects.

Guillemot sounded effusive about the company’s collaboration with the director.

“James Cameron has said he is working with us on Avatar in 3D, I am proud to tell you today we have seen it and it is wonderful,” said Guillemot.

He added that the movie will be out in the middle of 2009.


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