If you were expecting to just stroll into a Game store and buy one of the many Kinect boxes available, you’ve got another think coming.

Kinect would appear to have captured the imagination of the British public, as UK retailer Game has announced that its entire stock allocation for the launch of Microsoft’s motion controller has been reserved, with weeks left before it’s actually available.

Game is now taking pre-orders on its website for its next batch of Kinect stock, allocating people a “priority place in the queue” and promising to send customers their orders as soon as they become available. Obviously, Game has phrased its announcement to try and secure more pre-orders, but that doesn’t change the fact that come release day, every Kinect already has someone’s name on it.

Microsoft has previously stated that Kinect’s launch would be massive, predicting sales of around 3 million units over the holiday period and saying that it would blow the iPad out of the water. Game’s announcement certainly would seem to vindicate at least some of that confidence, as it appears that consumers are genuinely interested in the device and are looking forward to playing games on it.

Kinect will launch on November 4th in North America and November 10th in Europe.

Source: CVG

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