imageDecember’s month-long celebration of the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE and invitation to new readers to jump on-board the chart-topping, award-winning and highly accessible family of titles – continues 12/10 with the release ULTIMATE X-MEN #40 by Eisner and Wizard Fan Award winner for Favorite Writer, Brian Michael Bendis, and artist David Finch!

The advisors of the President of the United States believe he’s being secretly controlled by Professor Xavier and a plan is hatched to free the Chief Executive from his mutant influence AND to prepare for any X-Men related contingency. But the identity of the person behind the scheme and his or her solution to the Xavier problem is just one of many surprises in store for the X-Men in the new 5-issue story arc, “NEW MUTANTS”!

imageBendis and Finch, celebrating their 2nd consecutive on-time story arc together, follow-up their best-selling debut storyline “Blockbuster” with “NEW MUTANTS”, which also introduces new and long-awaited additions to the ULTIMATE X-MEN cast, including new friends and new foes like Warren Worthington III – the ANGEL, DAZZLER, KARMA & HAVOK!

But which characters will become part of the regular cast? “NEW MUTANTS” answers that question!

ULTIMATE X-MEN #40 [OCT031545], the start of a new 5-part story arc “NEW MUTANTS, goes on sale December 10th with a cover price of $2.25. Retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off (FOC) date is Thursday, 11/20. Readers, ask your local comic book retailer to reserve your copy of this special ULTIMATE STARTS issue!

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