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To The Editor: I enjoyed the conventioneering issue quite a bit except for the hyper-critical, meandering article supposedly centered around cosplay.

While a solid report is packed into the second and third pages, the author spends the bulk of the first on unnecessarily tearing down Western culture. Perhaps he didn’t realize this wasn’t a debate and that his praise of cosplay culture wouldn’t be elevated by trash talk.

Instead, he churned out a piece the thesis of which is some amalgam of “Cosplay is amazing” and “Fuck you arrogant, uncreative, Western pigs.”

That the media arts culture of Japan is different than that of the United States certainly doesn’t qualify it as more praiseworthy nor relegate U.S. costume play to an “outlet for creatively starved people.” It’s the “narrow-minded Westerners” after all who founded the now-worldwide S.C.A. along with participating in the zombie walks and historical reenactments the author snidely dismisses as cosplay for a purpose. As if they all only occurred for a purpose. As if those that have a purpose are any more ripe for derision.

When dumping on U.S. teens for fawning over celebrities, your writer casually ignored the still-thriving Japanese idol scene. He didn’t mention the huge impact these admittedly-manufactured celebrities have on teen culture including – perhaps importantly on-topic – fashion. Rather, he paints a picture of Japanese youth who, unlike their Western counterparts, are liberated from the influence of celebrity and instead pour their great creative force into cosplay. Even if that wasn’t total crap, it’s slightly odd to heap so much praise for creativity on the act of recreating the outfit of an established character.

I don’t disagree with all your man’s information but I do take issue with the aforementioned points and, above all, his tone. Perhaps he should take up animegao himself so he can present his next piece with a more friendly face.

– Ironmaus


In response to “Like a Flame at a Moth Convention” from The Escapist Forum: I would like to personally curse this article, for I now own a copy of Metal Wolf Chaos.

Damn you ebay. Damn you Escapist Magazine and your quality writing and content!

– BobisOnlyBob

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In response to “The Penny Arcade Expo” from The Escapist Forum: I have been an Enforcer for the past two years (would have been three had there not been scheduling issues) and I look forward to being an Enforcer for years to come. I wear my Black during the entire convention. Even though it’s not 24 hours anymore, it doesn’t mean you still aren’t completely drained after each day. You’ll be sore, you’ll be tired, and you’ll smell like dried camel fat, but you’ll love every aspect of the experience (as long as you take a few moments to enjoy it).

This is because the Penny Arcade staff is among the best in the world. Jerry and Mike (aka Gabe and Tycho) make sure that the convention is for the fans, not a weekend long business conference for people trying to pitch their game. Robert Khoo is the brains behind everything though, and he should be given a lifetime achievement award. He took up Penny Arcade after they’d accidentally sold of their comic rights and turned it into what it is today.

Lets not forget PrincessRedDot and crew. Everyone of those Enforcers loves what they do. Even my Console Tournament boss Zig, despite his infamous no sleep grouchy attitude, can have no replacement when it comes to doing tournaments.

Okay, this has turned into a bit of a shout out to all the great people who run PAX, but they all deserve it. To anyone reading this who hasn’t ever gone to PAX, go at least once. You will not regret it. You’ll come to the convention hall, see all the shiny booths, and be greeted by our tired but always upbeat Enforcers, because every Enforcer will tell you the same thing.

Being an Enforcer at PAX is the best three day job in the world.

– Lance Icarus


In response to “Black Friday Rule” from The Escapist Forum: What I think I realized this Black Friday was that if you REALLY want something at a cheap deal, you need to think smart. You need to avoid the giant super stores that everyone goes to like they’re churning with black plague carrying rats and you’re covered in cheese. I arrived at Best Buy at 5:30 in the morning with the goal of buying a new laptop. Once I discovered that EVERYTHING was gone, even the stuff not on sale, I drove 5 minutes to the nearly empty Office Depot and got my new computer at a good deal.

That people line up on Wednesday at Best Buy, the check out line at Fry’s was 4 hours long, it seems to me that Black Friday has become the highlight of American greed and stupidity where we show how little concern we have for other people and only care about our immediate concerns.

– Mage26

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