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Unpacking the Madness in the WandaVision Trailer – The Big Picture


Not even a global pandemic could defeat the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but it does mean that “Phase 4” is going to start out in the strangest possible place — not with a superhero battle or a punchy one-liner, but within a bizarre (and maybe a little frightening?) reality-bending TV sitcom world where a somehow-reborn Vision and the Scarlet Witch are living out the American Dream (maybe literally?) in an old-fashioned suburb that’s either too good to be real… or too real to be good. The Big Picture looks into what the first full WandaVision trailer is teasing – and what our predictions from last year look like now.

This is The Big Picture with Bob Chipman, talking about the WandaVision trailer.

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Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.