The improved Animus will offer new playstyles … and really wants you to meet someone named Ted.

A new trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3 has briefly surfaced, unveiling details about the upcoming game’s multiplayer modes. The video, originally posted on GameTrailers, was quickly removed from the site, but has since been leaked to YouTube.

The trailer features series antagonist Warren Vidic explaining details about the Animus project. Previous installments in the series saw players taking control of trainee Templar agents and rising through the ranks of Abstergo. This time around, the company has widened recruitment further by putting the Animus into mass production as a home device. Much like in Revelations, as players progress they will unlock files, extending the storyline by offering “insights on [Abstergo’s] future initiatives.”

As well as story elements, the trailer reveals information about two new multiplayer modes: Domination and Wolfpack. Domination will be a team mode in which players have to both attack and defend various control points scattered around the map, while Wolfpack pits a team of 2-4 against a host of AI enemies. A wide variety of old modes join these new ones, including Wanted, Assassinate and Artifact Assault, though mysterious additions to the same list include “Open the Can”, “Drive the Car” and “Meet Ted”. Whether these last three are new game modes or overarching goals is unclear.

Customization options will once again be available for all characters, with a button press toggling between summer and winter outfits. Finally, the ranking system from Revelations will make a return, with in-game accomplishments earning players accolades such as “The Gargoyle”, “The Despot” and “The Immortal”.

A YouTube user had already uploaded the video to their channel, but within hours Ubisoft filed a copyright claim to have it taken down – so it’s likely that this edition will be removed soon as well. It’s not clear when Ubisoft will officially release the trailer, so for now we’ll just have to wait for it to make an actual reappearance.

Source: Eurogamer

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