Kirby’s new adventure has Nintendo’s most inventive attempt to make the name “Kirby 3D” seem novel again.

As you may or may not recall, Nintendo revealed that it’s working on a new Kirby title for the 3DS during a Nintendo Direct address last month. Tentatively titled “Kirby 3DS,” the upcoming game seemed to be a fairly straightforward take on the Kirby formula, without any Epic Yarn aesthetics or Mass Attack goofiness. Though the game did not show up during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct address, in its wake we got this insy winsy bit of new intel on the game. “Kirby 3DS” is actually called Kirby: 3D Triple Deluxe

The official title was apparently buried in yesterday’s post-Nintendo Direct press release. According to Joystiq, the Triple Deluxe title was announced publicly in Japan last month, but had not been confirmed as the international title.

Though little is known about Triple Deluxe, the trailer suggests that there will be an emphasis on interactions between the background and foreground of levels, and a new, extra-strength inhaling power.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is expected to hit stores in 2014.

Source: Joystiq

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