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Trap Master

It must be tough to be a treasure-hording monster sometimes. You work your ass off to collect your treasure and put it in a nice Doom Chest for safekeeping, you build yourself a friendly, cozy lair warmed by a river of lava, and you just want to sit back and enjoy your life. But then some goddamn glory-seeking adventurers have to come in shouting about how evil you are and how the riches you’ve broken your back to acquire rightfully belong to the townspeople, and they try to attack your Doom Chest to take the treasure from you.

But you won’t stand for that, will you? Oh, no – no more Mr. Nice Monster. If those adventurers want to take your treasure, you’re going to make them pay in blood. So you set up traps – a poison blaster here, a giant crusher there, a bridge rigged with explosives – and what your traps can’t catch, you’ll devour yourself. It’s time to make these adventurers wish they’d never even heard of treasure … but they just keep coming and coming.

Trap Master is a great little hybrid between a tower defense game and an action platformer. You won’t be able to catch all the treasure-seekers yourself, and your traps won’t be able to handle all of them either, so it’s important to balance upgrading your own abilities with lining the dungeon with deadly devices, and it certainly gets chaotic as time goes on. If you’re stumped, there’s a Walkthrough, but that takes all the fun out of it.

Have fun playing the game in your post-Thanksgiving food coma!

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