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    1. I agree Bob. There really isn’t that much to say about Gemini Man.

      1. that bad?

        1. It’s a fun action movie and worth seeing even if it’s not going to set the world on fire or anything.

    2. They changed the credits? Why did they change the credits?

      1. Uploaded the YouTube version only today cause we posted it late as I was out all day, also doing a little experiment, don’t worry we’ll have reg credits on next one.

    3. Excellent description of Walter White and a hilarious opening bit. I wondered if Bob would review Gemini Man or not, and why it didn’t go up yesterday.

      1. We’re experimenting a little bit with schedules and such. If you remember the old Escapist website, we’re about to bring back the nice calendar it had to outline our schedule for the week now that we have enough original content again.

        I think our reviews will be released as close to embargo as possible, and if we don’t have one to hit, an ETTM will be released on Friday.

        1. Oh, OK. Thanks for clarifying that.

    4. I like Aaron Paul. I do hope he gets work.

      1. He’s a solid actor, though I think the mega hype and uber success of Breaking Bad led him to the bad role in Need for Speed, so hopefully the roles he does get aren’t related to that same type of effect. Like, I’ve noticed a ton of Game of Thrones actors turning up everywhere, often for no other reason than their newly-found recognizability and marketability. I just hope he lands (good) roles because he’s a good character actor.

    5. If anyone got the After MASH joke without googling it, you are just as old as I am.

      1. i know that show exists, but i have little interest in seeing it as anything other then a curiosity

        1. A good summation of After MASH TBH.

      2. Well that’s a relief, because this past summer I felt really really old, so that is a good sign.

      3. What’s weird is I know what M*A*S*H (the older show) is by way of accidentally coming across reruns as a kid, but I’m barely aware of After M*A*S*H, outside of a Simpsons joke.

    6. Very entertaining review. 8/10.

    7. Fuck off. Everyone remembers Need for Speed. We just remember it for meme reasons instead of actual reasons.

      1. Speak for yourself. I cannot recall a single person acknowledging that film’s existence in the period between its release and the beginning of this video.

        1. I only remember Need for Speed (the movie) after someone brings it up. And then I think “yeaah, that’s a thing that happened, isn’t it?”

    8. RIP Bob’s small message during the credits.

      1. I had to replay the end because I was sure the site had screwed up somehow.

    9. Breaking Bad always reminded me of Se7en. This gritty, intense, and grim day to day lives of these people. Which is rarely ever happy and ends nearly as harshly as it began. And though it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Most of my friends enjoy it so I was happy to see it getting a “sequel”. Though, personally, the trailers for El Camino made me realize how much I wish we had a Se7en aftermath movie special or epilogue. To see, how John Doe’s trauma to Brad Pitt’s Detective Mills character reshapes him when he leaves his catatonic state.

      Mandatory, WHATS IN THE BOX!?

    10. So Addams Family or Gemini Man next week?

    11. They should definitely titled it “Breaking Badder: with a Revengeance”

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