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Hey everyone,

We’ve been introducing a lot of brand new original content here on Escapist lately, and I’m excited to share with you that we’ve joined forces with Jack Packard, formerly of Previously Recorded, to create a new gaming show here on The Escapist called Underdeveloped.

Comedian and Professional Game Enjoy-er Jack Packard discusses Video Games and other stuff that’s possibly related to video games.

It’s definitely a show, and he sometimes talks to the camera but I’ll be honest… the show is Underdeveloped.

The intro episode is running today, and then tomorrow we’ll be releasing the first official episode at noon EST right here on the website and on YouTube.

Underdeveloped will air every other Monday at noon EST.

Nick Calandra
Editor in Chief of Escapist Magazine. Previously founder of OnlySP and Gameumentary. Patiently waiting for the Red Wings to be good again.

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    1. It’s about time you teamed up with those hack frauds.

    2. I very much appreciate the conceit of this having a “written by” credit in it.

    3. Can’t wait for the inevitable episode featuring guest celebrity Rich Evans!

    4. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Absolutely love you in every re:View you’re in.

    5. What was the game @1:48 when he says “I like new games?” It looks interesting but I have no idea what it is and it is proving difficult to Google when I don’t know the name.

    6. Gotta say here, having no prior knowledge of this man or his past works, and going solely by stylistic choices, delivery n’ production values on show in this “intro”, it’s a hard pass for me.

      More constructively, you asked for 2min50sec of our time and you still failed to explain what exactly you’ll be doing in your show that will involve games (reviews? retrospectives? deeper literary dives/analyses? commentary on gaming news? LARP n’ pantomiming?), how you’ll approach it (are you a reviewer or game journo, a former dev, someone with a performance gaming background or just another shmoe?) or given any hint why it might be interesting or different from the thousands of other creators that already do commentary in that space.

      But, hey, you got a shed, a YouTube button and a low self-confidence affect. Cool.

      1. It’s going to be a variety show. Sometimes he might talk about a cool game, sometimes he might discuss an event happening in the industry, sometimes it might be something just goofy and fun.

        First real episode drops tomorrow, feel free to judge it then. Much like any other show it won’t be for everyone of course.

    7. I hadn’t heard of/seen this guy before, but the show looks right up my alley!! Now he just has to get Doug to stop hogging all the air time (😉)!!!

    8. Looks like a lot of fun. I’ve been enjoying the new shows

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