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Hey folks,

I’m very excited to share with you the introductory episode to a brand new video series here on Escapist Magazine, called The Joy of Gaming.

The Joy of Gaming is a show wholly focused on positivity and bringing gamers together. Every other Friday, host Nate Najda, better known as Shinobi602 on Twitter, will dive into your favorite games to break down what makes them so enjoyable, memorable, or, really, just any positive idea he can come up with.

I’ve personally been following Nate for years on social media, and I don’t think there’s any other person out there that’s more positive about games than him. So I’m excited to help him expand that platform of positivity here on Escapist.

But enough from me — here’s the introductory video from Nate himself telling you all about The Joy of Gaming.

Nick Calandra
Editor in Chief of Escapist Magazine. Previously founder of OnlySP and Gameumentary. Patiently waiting for the Red Wings to be good again.

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    1. Cool. It’s great to see that you’re still making The Escapist Great Again! This isn’t snark…as more and more sites become infinite-scroll click-bait factories, it’s nice to see a curated magazine-style site again.

      1. Thanks! We’re going to be introducing even more stuff later this month. Fun times ahead!

        1. If this keeps going, I’d actually be up for paying for some sort of ad-free version or similar, primarily to support you though

          1. Something we might look into. For now though, sharing our original content around is the best way to support it so that we can keep doing it.

            We’re announcing some pretty cool stuff in the next week or two, stay tuned.

    2. No one more positive? 😉

    3. Welcome to the new Escapist, Nate! I wish you luck in your channel. Are you going to do any TBS games like Civilization?

      1. I’m actually selling him my old (old to me, still has a GTX 1070 in it) gaming PC so that he has access to a whole new library of games to check out specifically for this show. I’m sure he’ll be checking out some RTS games.

    4. A video series focused on positives sounds nice. I will make sure to watch some.

    5. There is nothing wrong with Battletoads!

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