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Nicolas Cage comes from modern Hollywood royalty, has an Academy Award, works constantly, and gave some of the most memorable performances in the biggest movies of the late 20th century — so why does pop culture treat him like a joke?

This is The Big Picture with Bob Chipman, talking about how Nicolas Cage deserves more credit.

Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. Where is Wicker Man? I need to know what’s in the bag. It could be a shark or something.

    2. And let’s not forget about Adaptation, a brilliant and nicely weird film where Cage plays a version of the screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman (of course the script of Adaptation was written by Charlie Kaufman), who is writing a screenplay about a book he is trying to adapt with a fictionalized twin brother of Charlie really playing up Charlie’s own insecurities in the story, also played by Cage… and being a meta narrative within a narrative.

      Cage has made so many good or great movies, it should be easy to overlook the many bad ones that he did along the way.

    3. Okay John Egbert.

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