There’s no better way to express the feeling of playing a videogame than with a haiku.

The best thing about videogames is that they’re able to transcend all barriers into every form of media, even into the world of the haiku. EOGamer has posted a large selection of videogame haiku written by Oliver “Threedog” Campbell and Danika Potts that are both serious and humorous.

A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that consists of three lines of five, seven, and five syllables respectively. See, you learn something every day here at The Escapist, and sometimes it doesn’t even involve FarmVille.

The haiku I agree with most is for Final Fantasy XIII:

Beautiful skin, hair
battle between sides rages
game sucks really hard

I didn’t enjoy that game. Heavy Rain also makes a debut in a more serious haiku:

Proving your worth is
the burden of this father
chasing red herring

That couldn’t be more true. Campbell and Potts did two about No More Heroes including:

Touchdown is the man
lightbulb katana, blood flood
take a dump to save

Seems immature, but you really do take a dump to save your game in No More Heroes. Other games covered are Okami, Resonance of Fate, God Hand, Animal Crossing, inFamous, Portal, and Resident Evil 5. Check out EOGamer for the full list. I’ll leave you with some Fallout 3 wisdom:

land is ravaged; in hindsight,
vault was pretty good

Until everyone in the vault goes crazy anyway!

Via: Kotaku

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