Videogames, Twitter and Desserts Unite for a Good Cause


Videogames and sweets are two things most of us can agree are amazing, just like giving kids in hospitals the chance to live a happier life. In order to spread the word about LoadingReadyRun’s Desert Bus for Hope charity event, we want you to create your favorite dessert, with your favorite videogame in mind and then share it with the Twitterverse.

LoadingReadyRun is back once again with their Desert Bus for Hope charity event that raises money for Child’s Play. This year, The Escapist is helping out by sponsoring an event we like to call Dessert Bus for Hope. The goal is to raise enough money so that one of the LoadingReadyRun members will take a pie to the face, LIVE on their Ustream feed. While this excites us to no end, we need others to hear about this Dessert Bus experience as well. After all, all donations go directly to Child’s Play.

While we have quite a few generous community members, we have to get to $2500 before a pie can be thrown. In order to do so, we need more people to donate. To spread the word, we came up with a fun game that we hope boosts visitors from Twitter. Here is how it works:

  • Think of your favorite video games and your favorite desserts and mash them together.
  • For example, here are a couple we have come up with:
    • FlanTurismo
    • Chocolate Vendetta
    • Super Maraschino Brownies
    • Ice Cream Fortress 2
  • Once you have created your delicious and fun masterpiece, use Twitter to spread the word!
  • So other people jump on the bandwagon, use this link ( and the hashtag #dessertforhope in your post
  • A post may look like this – “Red Velvet Redemption” #dessertforhope Help the kids, donate!

Our Dessert for Hope event has already started, so CLICK HERE to visit our main event page and donate if you can. If not, please help to spread the word and have fun at the same time.

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