Viper Comics Books Shipping November 2004

Daisy Kutter
By Kazu Kibuishi
Issue 4 of 4 / B&W / 48 page / $3.99

The final installment to the indy hit arrives in November. After narrowly escaping a botched heist attempt, Daisy and Tom head towards their final destination. They find Mr. Winters waiting at a small ghost town, awaiting a high noon showdown with Daisy. Little does Daisy know, however, that Mr. Winters has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

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“Solid composition and camera angles make this worth reading through once for the story and once to appreciate everything else that’s going on” – Need

“By the time I hit the last page, I was highly intrigued as to the further exploits of Miss Kutter”
– Broken

“Kazu Kibuishi really knows how to pace a story, balancing the visuals and the dialogue”
– Hero

“This is definitely a book readers should pay attention to and one that should establish Kibuishi as a highly talented creator” –

Copyrights and TM are the sole property of Kazu Kibuishi and Viper Comics 2004.

DEAD @17: Revolution
By Josh Howard
Issue 1 of 4 / Color / 32 page / $2.95

The smash hit series returns for what may be the final installment. The Fight has Begun! Join the Resistance! A new chapter in the life of Nara Kilday is about to begin, and it may be the last. A political assassination plot by a mysterious group called Heaven’s Militia unravels a government conspiracy with ties to Nara’s past and future, setting her on the path towards her destiny. It’s the beginning of the end.

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REVIEW(S) for prior series (DEAD@17:Blood of Saints):

“…adroit juggling of character development, humor, and horrific action…” – Wizard

“…combines wit, soap opera and horror…” –

“…Howard’s writing is both action-packed and subtle.” – Newtype

“The only thing this book doesn’t come with is the popcorn.” –

“…a hip fusion of action and teen drama…” –

“These are characters the readers will care about…their interpersonal struggles are just as interesting and entertaining as their battles with the forces of darkness.” – Comic Buyer’s Guide


Copyrights and TM are the sole property of Josh Howard and Viper Comics 2003-2004.

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