[email protected] #2, VIPER COMICS Debut title, is SOLD OUT from Diamond Comics Distributors. The positive reviews continue to attract new readers and excitement builds as the series comes to a close with issue #4 scheduled to arrive in stores February 25, 2004. Retailers report that books are still flying off the shelves and they need additional copies.

“Just before issue #3 arrived in stores we had already filled two purchase re-orders for Diamond Comics Distributors, which caught us by surprise being the book hadn’t even arrived in stores”, said Jessie Garza Viper Comics President.

In addition, to the continued strong sales, the debut issue has also generated continued support for the series:

“It’s like 28 Days Later….without the vomiting blood” – Wizard

“Another surprise indie hit has been Viper Comics’ Dead @ 17. #1 is officially sold out at Diamond and has garnered praise from both comics press If interest keeps up, this book could be the next 30 Days of Night.” – WizardUniverse.com

[email protected], currently Viper Comics’ only title, was arguably THE small press smash hit of 2003. Combining great horror with teen drama and a very simple and accessible, yet thrilling story, fans flocked to stores and comic cons to find out what the buzz was all about”. – BrokenFrontier.com

“This is THE best comic series I’ve read in a long while! I’m digging it and can’t wait for the conclusion so I can sit down and read’em all at once” – SilverBulletComicBooks.com

“Howard is spinning a fascinating tale that I’d like to see more of and the artwork is just this wild manga-that’s-not style. Truly unique” – NeedCoffee.com

“If I didn’t tell you this was from a smaller press company, there’s no way you’d know it. This is great looking stuff” – ComiXtreme.com

“Speaking of stylish, and zombies…” – ComicBookResources.com

“An intelligent teen slasher-horror film seems to be a contradiction in terms – which must be why the Viper Folks made it a comic book instead” – Comic Shop News

image[email protected] #4 (DEC032734 ) in stores FEBRUARY 25, 2004 & [email protected]: Blood of Saints #1 (FEB04-2714) is available for pre-order NOW in Diamond Previews and is scheduled to arrive in stores April 2004 with a cover price of $2.95 each. Retailers may place orders by contacting their Diamond Customer Service Representative.

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