The Indy smash hit series DEAD @17 is about to see a new spin on the story. In December Devil’s Due Publishing in conjunction with Viper Comics will release the 48 page one-shot crossover “Misplaced @17”. The one shot will be written and illustrated by Devil’s Due’s Josh
Blaylock, featuring a back up story written by Josh Howard.

In the crossover ‘Misplaced’ star, Alyssa, returns from her trip to REALM 77 (the dimension she comes from ) after the adventures in Misplaced #4. She’s finally able to settle down on Earth for a while, or so she thinks, but three people have followed her through the portal- other ‘Realmers.’The problem is, Alyssa’s long gone by the time they arrive, and a rogue follower of Bolabogg, named Brother Junius, has come to investigate the portal. Meanwhile, it turns out that Alyssa has
returned to a part of Earth near Darlington Hills and “[email protected] 17’s” Nara Kilday. Things get very interesting as a turn of events finds Alyssa and Nara rooming together, and each one trying to conceal each other’s powers from one another.


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