When another teenage girl mysteriously returns from the dead, Nara’s world is turned upside down. Desperate for answers, Nara decides to call upon Noel Raddemer….but he’s nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, a voice from her past begins to haunt her, signaling the return of her greatest adversary.

Blood of Saints ISSUE #1 REVIEWS:

“The first four-issue series was a surprise hit, and it’s not too hard to see why” –

“The only thing this book doesn’t come with is popcorn” – Broken

“As with the first series, this one speaks to me and leaves me wanting more. I can’t recommend it enough! – Silver Bullet Comic

“The first issue of Blood of Saints not only lived up to my expectations, but surprised me in some ways as well.” –

Order a copy of [email protected]: Blood Of Saints #2 in the MARCH 2004 Diamond Previews, item code: MAR04 2862.


Josh Howard’s smash hit series has been collected in a tradepaper back and arrives in stores May 12, 2004. Order a copy of [email protected] TPB in the MARCH 2004 Diamond Previews, item code: MAR04 2861.

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