DEAD @17: Rough Cut
(W/A) Josh Howard & Various artists and writers
B&W 48 pp $3.99 One-shot
In stores AUGUST 2004


It’s a tale of friendship, destiny, and betrayal set against the backdrop of the eternal conflict between Good and Evil.


This fall, get the whole story… in [email protected]: Rough Cut. This 48 page special features four writers and four artists providing their unique spin on the Dead @17 world, uncovering the tales that have until now been left untold. All this, plus an all new story by series creator Josh Howard.

Pre-order a copy of [email protected]: Rough Cut in the June 2004 Diamond Previews, item code: JUN04-2891.

COPYRIGHT: [email protected] is ? and © Josh Howard and Viper Comics 2003-2004.

imageDAISY KUTTER: The Last Train
(W/A) Kazu Kibuishi
B&W 48 pp $3.99 / 1 of 4 issue monthly mini-series
In stores AUGUST 2004

[blockqoute]Filled to the brim with action and romance, Daisy Kutter is a tribute to the best westerns of yesteryear. Add to that the sci-fi fantasy inspired by Miyazaki and Moebius, the high octane fun of Cowboy Bebop and Lupin the 3rd, roll it into a package full of even more nods of the greatest comics ever made, and you have a fun ride through the strange and fast paced universe of Daisy Kutter.[/blockqoute]

[blockqoute]Daisy Kutter, the most feared gunfighter in the New West, has just retired from a life of crime to start a general store and, hopefully, a new life. However, old habits die hard, and she is pulled back into the life of a gunslinger by the ghosts of her past.[/blockqoute]

Pre-order a copy of DAISY KUTTER Issue #1 in the June 2004 Diamond Previews, item code: JUN04-2892.

COPYRIGHT: Daisy Kutter is ? and © Kazu Kibuishi and Viper Comics 2004.

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