Critical Miss






Slenderman and Splendaman really aren’t all that different. For example: they both give you brain cancer before they kill you.

Viral videos, memes, and internet culture in general has been going through the same accelerated courtship with advertising that punk went through in the early 90s. Marketers are generally pretty shit when it comes to making their own videos go viral – their insectoid brains tend to struggle with human emotion – so instead they just piggyback their products on successful content producers. One of Freddie Wong’s earlier videos was a savage put down of viral marketing, and now he’s directing ads for EA.

Also, at some point, Rolling Stone readers decided that Green Day are the best punk band in history. Authenticity doesn’t mean jack.

Speaking of selling out. Cory would like to remind you that he’s still taking pre-orders for Bristol board sketches to be distributed at the Escapist Expo.

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