Wallace & Gromit Creator’s New Short Brings Dead Soldiers’ Stories Home


The Imperial War Museum in London will be reopening soon, and Aardman has its role to play.

The Imperial War Museum’s reopening on July 19th, after a six month refit, and a completely redesigned £40 million First World War exhibit will take pride of place, as part of the war centenary remembrance. Wallace & Gromit creator Aardman studios has its part to play, and has created a new piece of short animation, Flight of the Stories, which will be airing online from July 7th.

Flight of the Stories, a mix of 2D and 3D animation intended as a deliberate homage to the muted palettes used by war artists, features stories and letters from soldiers who served, and died, in the trenches in France. “Flight of the Stories captures exactly what we were trying to convey,” says museum director general Diane Lees. “For while it is true that some of the people never made it back from the fighting front, their stories have, and it is our duty at IWM to ensure that they continue to be told.”

When the IWM reopens it will include a display of British art from the war, Truth and Memory, as well as many artefacts taken direct from the battlefield. In addition to its exhibits, the IWM is building an online archive recording the lives of more than eight million men and women involved in the war, using its own archives and contributions from members of the public.

Source: Imperial War Museum

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