Want a Walking Dead Human Flesh Burger? Head to London


The Walking Dead has a lot to answer for. But if you want a good recipe …

If you’re a Walking Dead fan as well as an aficionado of haute cuisine, best head over to London for the finest human flesh burgers in town, available one day only. It gets better! They’re absolutely free. Not just free range, mark you, but free of charge. Yummy!

It’s all part of The Walking Dead Season 5’s marketing. Followers of the Twitter feed terminustavern will be told, on September 30th, where the feast will be held. The chef hints it will be in East London, but won’t say any more than that. Once that Tweet goes up, it’s first come, first served. Toppings have not been mentioned. Dibs on the mayo.

The burger is the creation of creative Miss Cakehead and the chefs at London Mess. The Mess website boasts that the chef only works with “the freshest ingredients.” That’s good to know.

Now, let’s suppose that you want to make one of these fine burgers in your own residence. No problem! The recipe, as handed down to us by the Mess’ Facebook page, is as follows:

400g pork mince
400g veal mince
200g bone marrow (minced)

Salt and pepper to taste, the less seasoning you use the more it tastes like human flesh!!!

Mix together the pork, veal and bone marrow in a large bowl.

Firmly grind together the meat until evenly mixed.

Add salt and pepper to taste, fry a little of the meat in a pan to taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.

Shape the burgers using a 90mm cutter – if you don’t have one then shape by hand. You should use around 150g of the mixture per patty.

Cook the burgers in a frying pan on a medium hot temperature, frequently turning the meat often until you reach your desired color.

Finish off in the oven at 180 for 6 minutes, or more if you like your human flesh well done.

OK, hands up all of you who thought there was actually going to be human flesh in the recipe? You silly, silly muffin. This is a publicity stunt for a TV show, not No Reservations: Cannibal Edition. That said, I’m sure Anthony Bourdain’s up for it.

Incidentally, Mess is London-based, so that 180 is probably Celsius; call it 350F for those of you in the States. Bon appetit!

Source: London Mess

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