WAR Guild Spotlight: Conviction (Order, Sylvania/US)


Guild Name: Conviction

Date Created: April 6, 2007

Realm: Order

Server: Sylvania

Recruiting Status: Very Limited
Country: US/Canada
Guild Leader: Indecent

1) What is the history of your guild?

Conviction was created on April 6, 2007 in Lord of the Rings Online. We were able to slowly build a very well balanced group of people early on using our methods of limited recruitment. Our goal, at the time, wasn’t to become the best in the game; we merely had a strong desire to build a cohesive unit that played well together. Through these efforts, we landed 3 world firsts in end-game raid encounters in addition to a gaggle of such accomplishments in 6-man instances.

A week ago we announced our retirement from LotRO, and that we would not be taking part in the new expansion, slotted for release later this year. We are dedicated and focused on making Warhammer successful, just like we were able to do in LotRO.

LotRO is our legacy, Warhammer is our future.

2) Why did the guild decide on Order?

We knew that Order would be the underdog on most servers. That sort of challenge is extremely appealing to us, and the shorter queue times certainly don’t hurt either.

3) What is your guild’s biggest accomplishment thus far?

The act of maintaining a guild through periods of stagnant content can be extremely trying. The challenge of spearheading raids and instances is that, once they are finished and on farm status, you have to focus your efforts on keeping the guild members interested in content that they’ve already completed a hundred times. The very fact that the guild is around and kicking in Warhammer, is a testimony to our successful efforts in keeping the membership happy through long periods of potentially guild-breaking boredom.

4) What is your guild?s play style in Warhammer Online? RvR or PvE?

We play the both aspects of the game with equal fervor.

5) Are there specific raid days, and what is the minimum attendance?

We will come up with a loose raid schedule closer to end-game, but we’ll probably end up “raiding” 3 or 4 days a week. There is no minimum attendance required, however, you may feel out of play if you do not commit to 30+ hours a week, which seems to be the average play time of all our members. Real life happens and we cater to that with no questions asked.

6) How does the guild present itself on the battlefield? How do they treat those not in guild as they wage war?

Friendly, competitive, out there to have fun. We are not afraid to take risks and wipe horribly in an attempt to try something new. We make an effort to treat others, both order and destruction, with respect on and off the field.
You won’t find us involved in the “forum wars”; everything we do happens in game. We really aren’t interested in bragging about winning or moaning about losing. We just want to play the game to the best of our ability and be noticed in game for our efforts.

7) Does the guild have allies?

We will have an alt/recruit guild called ‘Friends with Benefits’. Other than that, we will be waiting until end game to develop solid allies. Of course, regardless of our alliance status, we will be there for Order every step of the way. There is no such thing as a “best guild”. The best guilds will be those that can put who is “best” behind them and work together to achieve end game goals as a team.

8) How is the guild rank structure set up?

We have an extremely lightly built leadership and a somewhat loose structure. We have Applicant, Recruit, Member, Officer, Leader ranks, however everyone in the guild is treated equal in terms of benefits from the guild. The officers and Leader are there to keep things organized and to deal with any issues that may arise.

9) Is the guild currently recruiting? And if so, how can I join?

We have always kept a very limited recruitment policy. We are a tight knit group and we feel that attitude goes just as far as skill in any game. We pride ourselves on having the best attitudes possible in any given scenario. We love to meet new people and good gamers. We allow individuals to place their applications on our forums, however, the chances are exceptionally small of actually getting invited. We are always on the lookout for talented players, so the best way to get an invite would be to play with us, show us what you’ve got, and hope for the best. You can join us by applying at Con Gaming dot com

10) Do I have to play a certain class once I’m accepted?

We are very well balanced, so, if you are asked to apply, then the class choice has already been decided.

11) “A Goblin and a Dwarf walk into a bar…..”
..but they somehow end up in different bars and have to relog.

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