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WAR Guild Spotlight: Genocidal Tendencies (Destruction, Azazel/US)


Guild Name: Genocidal Tendencies

Date Created: 2001

Realm: Destruction

Server: Azazel

Website: Genocidal Tendencies

Guild Leader: Rurg

Recruiting Status: Accepting applications from qualified applicants.

Guild status: At the time of this writing, the guild is 120+ members and we have achieved guild rank 10.

1) What is the history of your guild?

The guild began many years ago with a few guys playing Counter-Strike together. It has gone through dozens of incarnations, and many games to get to where it is today. Most notably, recent games include Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft. All of the core group excel in pvp situations and most of our newer members are proving themselves to be a definite asset to the group.

2) Is there a required amount of playtime for members of the guild? Is it mainly hardcore or casual?

While many of our members are hard core gamers, we are also adults, and as such we have lives and families and jobs to deal with. There is no minimum time requirement, although anyone planning to be gone for over 14 days needs to let an officer know or they will be removed. Players kicked for inactivity are always welcome back once they return, provided there is space remaining.

3) What is your guild’s play style in Warhammer Online? RvR or PvE?

We prefer RvR and have a heavy focus on it, but we help in PvE as well.

4) Are there specific raid days, and what is the minimum attendance?

All members can use the calendar to host events and such. There is currently no set days, but that may change at endgame.

5) What are the goals of the guild?

We expect to get to endgame with a quality group ready to take/defend keeps and eradicate the order scum from Azazel. We have a personal vendetta with *cough* the order guild Vendetta among others, so members will see a lot of rvr action. Mostly, our goal is to have fun and enjoy all the amenities WAR has to offer.

6) Does the guild have allies?

We are part of the Axis of Evil alliance.

7) How is the guild rank structure set up?

While it is possible (though rare) to a fast track a promotion with exceptional levels of contribution, the general advancement rate is as follows:

10 – Private (Recruit) aka Gitface – Probation
9 – Sergeant – Minimum 7 days play time – Demonstrate common sense
8 – Sergeant Major – 30 days – Demonstrate team spirit, knowledge of game
7 – Lieutenant – Participate actively in guild/forum activities
6 – Captain – Demonstrate knowledge of game. Helpful to teammates. Participate actively in vent, forums, and events.
5 – Major – Participate actively in vent, forums, and events. Host events/rvr premades.
4 – Colonel – Junior Officer – Active member, embody guild standards and complement the team with contribution. Minimum 1 year active duty.
3 – Brigadier General – Officer – Minimum 2 years active duty.
2 – Major General – Senior Officer – Minimum 3 years active duty.
1 – General – Guild Leader

8) Is the guild currently recruiting? And if so, how can I join?

We are recruiting any class/level provided the applicant shares our outlook on the game and is able to demonstrate team spirit and common sense. Too many guilds focus on numbers these days, and while numbers are important, quality members is a much bigger concern. While we have no hard and fast age limit, maturity is a requirement, so you will not find many members under 16.

9) Do I have to play a certain class once I’m accepted?

Any class that is fun to the member is acceptable. We have a great mix so far, so there are no class requirements.

10) Additional note:


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