WAR Guild Spotlight: Shadeleaf Mercenaries

WAR Guild Spotlight: Shadeleaf Mercenaries


Guild Name: Shadeleaf Mercenaries
Date Created: 03/1995
Realm: Destruction
Server: Badlands
Recruiting Status: Accepting applications recruitment is limited
Country: US

1) What is the history of your guild?
The guild started out as a group of friends who shared a common interest in tabletop gaming and multiplayer games. Our first venture into online games took place in 1990 with BatMud, a text based multiplayer game. In 1995, while developing a campaign for 2nd edition D&D, we came up with the name Shadeleaf Mercenaries and have used it in most of the games we’ve played since. In 1999 we moved away from text based online games to play Everquest. Since that time we have progressed as a guild through: EQ2, WOW, FFXI, DAOC, EVE, DDO, LOTRO, UO and RGTR.

2) Why did the guild decide on Destruction?

The big reason is that we were an alliance guild in WOW and were looking to play the bad guys this time. You also can’t top the appeal of killing machines spawned from fungi, scantily clad elves and the depravity of chaos.

3) What is one of the guild’s biggest accomplishments so far?

In regards to Warhammer, we were the highest ranked guild in open beta with more renown earned than any other guild in the world. We are also the first Warhammer guild to our knowledge that has a corporate sponsor. Thanks IZ3D! In every game we’ve played whether under the tag of Shadeleaf Mercenaries or under another alias we have consistently been at the forefront of content completion and raid progression in MMO’s.

4) What is your guild’s play style in Warhammer Online? RvR or PvE?

Our primary focus is RVR, we intend to complete all the PVE content in the game. For us PVE is a mechanic to gear up for RVR and as ‘completionists’, we like to experience all a game has to offer.

5) What are the main goals of Shadeleaf Mercenaries?

Our goal is to be the best we possibly can and to achieve this by adhering to our philosophy of camaraderie and team work.

6) Is there a required amount of playtime for members of the guild? Is it mainly hardcore or casual?

At our core we are a hardcore guild but have no enforced playtime requirements.

We have a rank structure that accommodates a variety of play styles and allows each person to define the role they will play in the progression of the guild. The primary requirements for guild membership are: working well with other members of the guild, and understanding that excellence is achieved through team work and guild pride.

7) How often does the guild plan on raiding?

We have planned activities every day of the week at various times throughout the day to accommodate members playing in different time zones.

8) How is the guild structure set up?

For Warhammer we are taking advantage of all 10 available in game ranks. Officers fall into two different categories. We have logistical officers that handle things such as promoting the guild, forum and vent moderation and responding to member feedback and concerns. We then have several in game leadership roles that start from squad leaders who cycle through grouping with various members to ensure everyone understands guild tactics, to raid leaders who coordinate multiple warbands simultaneously.

9) What are the requirements to advance in the guild?

To advance through our non-officer ranks a player must show dedication and demonstrate excellent team work. Officer ranks are given to those who demonstrate the proper leadership skills for the role they are interested in. Officer ranks do have play time requirements. Some questions I consider when recruiting members for officer positions are: will people follow this person? Can they lead and resolve issues without being ham fisted? How strong is their commitment to the guild?

10) Is the guild currently recruiting? And if so, how can I join?

We have hit our soft cap for recruitment but are still always on the lookout for exceptional dedicated players looking for a new home. You can join us by applying at Shadeleaf Mercenaries dot com.

11) Do I have to play a certain class once I’m accepted?

We currently have a very even balance of classes and don’t have any particular class requirements.

12) Who’s your favorite WAR developer?

My personal favorite is Carrie Gouskos, her enthusiasm for the game is amazing. The first time I saw her with other members of the Mythic staff was during an E3 interview she was conducting for Gamespot. Now she’s a Mythic employee.

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