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WAR Guild Spotlight: The Elite (Order, Anlec/US)


Guild Name: The Elite

Date Created: January, 2000

Realm: Order

Server: Anlec

Website: The Elite

Guild Leader: Romp

Recruiting Status: Nominally open. Trialing high calibre applicants only.

Guild status: ~100 members, Rank 23

1) What is the history of your guild?

The Elite is a PvP guild, originally formed in the lead-up to the release of the Ultima Online shard: Oceania back in the year 2000. We are predominently Australian and Asia Pacific players but have members from all corners of the globe. The guild has officially played UO, Shadowbane (Asia), WoW, Age of Conan (for a month lol) and now WAR – though along the way we’ve had significant gatherings of guildmembers in EQ, Eve Online and KO.

In UO we were a leading PvP force on Oceania. In Shadowbane we completely conquered the Thurin server wiping all competition from the map. In WoW we made the honourable mention list for best PvP guilds in BG9 and on the PvE front, server firsted Ragnaros and Horde firsted most bosses prior to TBC when the guild stopped playing WoW officially. We’ve been active participants in WAR beta.

2) Is there a required amount of playtime for members of the guild? Is it mainly hardcore or casual?

Originally a hardcore guild, thanks to our long history we now have a very interesting mix of players ranging from those who are still hardcore to those who had lifestyle changes and got jobs/kids etc. Even though we have casual historical members, we typically do not recruit casual players. We retain a largely hardcore mindset, but recognize the realities of real life responsibility and do not set specific time quotas for members.

3) What is your guild’s play style in Warhammer Online? RvR or PvE?

RvR. We level heavily in scenarios, and participate in open RvR whenever possible. WAR also requires some PvE to be effective and we participate in that also, but our focus is fighting other players. Our preference is to fight, rather than to cap undefended keeps or battlefield objectives.

4) Are there specific raid days, and what is the minimum attendance?

At this time we are not applying such rules in WAR. We run a revolving door RvR/scenario warband ~12 hours a day 7 hours a week and do ad hoc PvE as numbers and interest allows.

5) What are the goals of the guild?

To fight and win. We aim to rally the outnumbered forces of Order on our server to hold back the zerg of Destruction and to one day sack Inevitable City.

6) Does the guild have allies?

Yes, we maintain friendly relations with all Order guilds on our server and have begun experimenting with the Alliance functionality built into the game on a small scale.

7) How is the guild rank structure set up?

Lead by 4 Inner Councilors, including the founding GM, and all of whom have acted as GM at some point in the guild’s history.

A large body of officers (as much as a quarter of the membership) provides group level leadership, administrative support and takes on various responsibilities such as recruitment, web site etc.

Then there is the general members, and finally at the entry level are Prospects who are on a trial basis.

8) Is the guild currently recruiting? And if so, how can I join?

Recruitment was closed up until last week, we have now opened recruitment to accept applications from high quality candidates. Our recruitment officer can be contacted in-game on the character Rusto (Anlec) or on our forums under the username Rustofolis. A web form tailored for WAR has just been made available at

9) Do I have to play a certain class once I’m accepted?

Given that we are only likely to recruit players with developed characters, obviously there would be an expectation of continuing to play that character or characters. Certain classes are preferable, but predominently our interest is in the quality of a player’s skill and attitude.

10) Additional note:

The Elite (-E- or just E for short) is a very team oriented guild. Understanding the guild ethos of putting the group before the individual is an important part of fitting in. We like to compete, we like to win. If there’s a good fight to be had, you won’t see us doing boring PvE or capping undefended BO’s for the sake of ingame rewards.

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